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Are Arizona workplaces becoming safer for employees?

Workplace safety is an integral part of a secure financial future. Arizona employers have a duty and responsibility to give their workforce a standard of safety. That measure helps to insure that many workers in dangerous careers are not needlessly put in harm's way. It also helps workers to know that they have a way to secure their financial future if they are hurt at work, even if their injury wasn't necessarily caused by an employer's negligence.

According to a report released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, non-fatal workplace illnesses and injuries went down last year. It cited that an average of 3.4 workers out of a 100 were injured or became sick in 2012, compared to 3.5 in 2011. On the macro level, the American workforce appears to be getting safer.

Unfortunately, that does not mean that certain industries are safer. The report highlighted that the public sector has 5.6 incident rate per 100 workers compared with 3.2 incident average per 100 workers for private employees. Residents of Phoenix will find that the state of Arizona had an incident rate of 3.2 per 100 workers.

One of the hard realizations of getting hurt in a workplace accident is that the claims process may be arduous and time-consuming. Workers' compensation is an important avenue for those who are injured on the job. Different injuries are entitled to different levels of compensation. In most cases, employees will receive workers' compensation insurance benefits regardless of who is at fault. This compensation can help cover long-term and permanent injuries.

The American workplace may be getting safer, but the figures range from industry to industry. Being safe at work is an important part of being a responsible worker, but some injuries are unavoidable.

Source:, "The American Workplace Is Getting Safer," Andy Kiersz, Nov. 7, 2013

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