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November 2013 Archives

October sees over 14,000 jobs added in Arizona

In recent months, Arizona has seen increased job growth in the fields of retail, education, health care and businesses services. Many individuals are coming to cities like Phoenix to continue their careers. Getting hurt on the job is a hardship for today's workers and their families, though, who must struggle with lost income. The process of getting back to normal while coping with the challenges of a personal injury is very difficult. Fortunately, workers have multiple options for finding support while healing from a work-related injury.

Work accident at mine leaves two dead, multiple victims injured

Arizona residents who work in dangerous fields know that machinery can malfunction, putting workers at risk and wreaking havoc. A lethal chemical or gas may be released into the air subjecting everyone who breathes it in to disease or even death. These work environments are not always the safest, which is why there are laws set up to protect employees who are at constant risk at their jobs.

Are Arizona workplaces becoming safer for employees?

Workplace safety is an integral part of a secure financial future. Arizona employers have a duty and responsibility to give their workforce a standard of safety. That measure helps to insure that many workers in dangerous careers are not needlessly put in harm's way. It also helps workers to know that they have a way to secure their financial future if they are hurt at work, even if their injury wasn't necessarily caused by an employer's negligence.

1 dead, 2 injured in Phoenix crash

Deadly vehicle crashes are a serious concern as more and more people in large metropolitan areas like Phoenix commute to work. For professional drivers, the road is their office and the vehicle is their desk. Many drivers may be entitled to compensation for a work injury on the road. Workers' compensation can cover lost income and other expenses, and provide a sense of peace of mind.

Healthcare workers lose 2 million days a year due to injuries

Workplace safety is important for worker health and for the financial well being of the household. A work injury can cause physical, psychological, and financial damage to those who are unprepared. Arizona residents have different ways that they can be prepared for dealing with the effects of a workplace injury. Many injured workers are entitled to benefits regardless of who was at fault.

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