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October 2013 Archives

Man breaks finger, loses tip of thumb in workplace accident

Every day, Americans, including Arizonans, are injured on the job. These injuries occur in various settings and have numerous causes. Road workers may be hit by a speeding car, building construction workers might fall from a harness, and industrial workers might be crushed by machinery. Sometimes these accidents are caused by unsafe working conditions and other times they are merely accidents outside of the employee and the employer's control. Either way, the injured worker deserves to be taken care of financially when he is injured on the job.

Steel crushes worker leaving him with critical injuries

Inattentiveness, lack of safety protocols, and lack of supervision can all lead to a workplace accident which results in serious injuries. A work injury can be devastating to an individual. The worker may be forced to deal with disfigurement, physical impairment, mental anguish, and unexpected medical expenses that can make life financially difficult, especially when the injured person is unable to work.

Police cracking down on errant construction zone driving

Police in Saskatoon are clamping down on errant driving in construction zones. The increased attention comes after a safety researcher theorized that for every 300 near misses there are 29 minor incidents and one major accident. A minor accident could lead to the need for first aid while a major accident could mean missed work or death. With these numbers in mind, police are seeking to prevent near misses by stopping those who fail to obey construction zone speed limits and those who fail to drive with due care.

Scaffolding fall injures two Phoenix construction workers

Construction workers have admirable jobs. They build the houses in which we live, the offices where we work, the schools in which we learn, and the roads to get us to those places. While these jobs help grow our economy and advance our society, these workers operate daily in dangerous conditions. Laws and safety regulations seek to protect these workers, but oftentimes these rules are neglected, overlooked, or ignored. When this happens, serious injuries can result that leave workers in a physical and financial bind.

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