Press operator sustains serious accident on the job

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2013 | Workplace Accidents

Even with the advent of online media, there is still demand in Arizona and elsewhere for printed materials, including newspapers. Producing these materials requires printing presses and people who operate them. While certainly useful work, operating a printing press can also be very dangerous.

Printing presses are large machines with lots of heavy, moving parts. While usually two people operate them, it can be hard to hear one’s partner because of the noise in a pressroom. For these and other reasons, those who work on printing presses can be exposed to a serious work accident, particularly if they get their bodies caught in the moving machine.

Recently, one press operator in a newspaper’s printing plant suffered a serious factory accident while working on a printing press. The man had tried to reach for an unknown object near the press and caught his hand between two heavy parts of the machine. The machine was being set up to run a printing job. Fortunately, the man’s supervisor contacted emergency personnel. The man was taken to a nearby hospital for ongoing treatment, but his exact condition was not made known to the public.

Like other factories, the pressroom of a printing company presents its own unique of workplace hazards. While employers should do everything that they can to train employees properly and to regularly inspect their equipment, sometimes factory accidents still occur.

When a worker is injured in a serious workplace accident, they may face a lengthy and expensive recovery process, and they may need to be away from work for a substantial amount of time. Thankfully, Arizona’s no-fault workers’ compensation gives both injured employees and their families the opportunity to recover items like lost wages and medical expenses. Such compensation can go a long way towards helping victims of workplace accidents and their families move forward with their lives.

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