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August 2013 Archives

Worker nearly loses leg at construction site

Those who work at construction sites in Arizona face a number of safety hazards and risks that others might not even imagine when they go to their respective jobs. One of the dangers of a construction worker's position is that he or she often has to work around heavy machinery and other equipment. Whenever this equipment is used or even moved, there is always a chance that a worker may be struck by that equipment and suffer serious injuries as a result.

Press operator sustains serious accident on the job

Even with the advent of online media, there is still demand in Arizona and elsewhere for printed materials, including newspapers. Producing these materials requires printing presses and people who operate them. While certainly useful work, operating a printing press can also be very dangerous.

Families of deceased AZ firefighters fighting for benefits

The families of 13 of the 19 Arizona firefighters who tragically died in the recent Yarnell Hill fire are now arguing with the City of Prescott about whether the surviving family members of these firefighters ought to be entitled to certain federal and state benefits normally available exclusively to full-time employees.

Construction worker hurt in machinery accident

Arizona highway construction workers have to do their jobs in dangerous conditions. One of those dangers is that presented by working close to a busy road without much protection. If a passing driver is not careful, they may hit a worker with their car.

Case of former officer tests limits of workers' compensation laws

Arizonans may remember the controversy in another state involving a clash between campus police and university student protestors participating in the 2011 "Occupy" movement. Several officers were either disciplined or fired after several protestors were sprayed with pepper spray during a protest.

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