Reopening a Work Comp Claim

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2013 | Firm News

Did you know there are no time limits on reopening a worker’s compensation claim? Some states have limits on reopenings and some do  not allow them at all.

In Arizona when a claim is closed, you will receive a ‘Notice if Claim Staus’ form from the insurance carrier that handled your claim.  You have 90 days to protest the closure, to show you need more treatment.  After 90 days you can file a “Petition to Reopen” but you now must show a change in your condition to obtain further treatment.  This is usually done through a report from a specialist and also with diagnostic tests such as an MRI.  The requirement is that you must show something new, additional, or previously undiscovered (See A.R.S. 23- 1061).  For more information please contact our office.