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July 2013 Archives

Retaining wall collapse traps, injures construction worker

Retaining walls are common features at construction sites in Arizona and around the country. Workers may build a retaining wall to keep the soil in the area stable and in place, either permanently or temporarily, while construction takes place or workers build a more permanent structure.

Summer temperatures can cause a serious on-the-job injury

As anyone who lives in this state knows, summers in Arizona are sweltering hot. In particular, residents this year have seen intense and downright dangerously high temperatures, especially a few weeks ago.

Reopening a Work Comp Claim

Did you know there are no time limits on reopening a worker's compensation claim? Some states have limits on reopenings and some do  not allow them at all.

Recent incidents demonstrate need for safety at AZ grain bins

Although people may not commonly think of Arizona as an agricultural state, the state has its fair share of farms. Those Arizona farmers who grow wheat and other grains do in all probability rely on the services of a grain bin or grain elevator to store their product.

Industrial worker's accident results in fatality

Those who work in Arizona's many factories and warehouses know that a forklift is a common piece of factory equipment that helps the facility run smoothly and efficiently. However, particularly, when an operator is either careless or not properly trained, forklifts can be the cause of serious factory accidents that may, in some cases, prove fatal.

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