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May 2013 Archives

Construction accident involving machinery rollover kills one

Unlike colder northern states, southern states tend to accommodate construction projects year-round due to their milder climates. States like Arizona can see construction workers’ accidents all twelve months of the year. A recent construction site accident in Texas involving a backhoe killed a man after the machine toppled over him, pinning him under the equipment. This marks the second time in a month that a person has suffered fatal injuries in connection with a machinery accident in that area. In the previous incident, a piece of equipment called a “trencher” toppled down a grade and landed on top of another man, killing him as well.

Safe Arizona employers will see incentive from insurance carriers

Although this blog typically discusses how Arizona employees can receive workers' compensation benefits when they have a workplace accident, a recent announcement from this state's largest carrier of workers' compensation insurance serves as useful reminder that it pays for employers in Arizona to maintain a safe workplace environment.

Arizona OSHA office may have inexperienced inspectors

A recent federal report revealed that ADOSH, Arizona's equivalent of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has an unusually high number of relatively inexperienced safety inspectors. Of the office's 17 inspectors, less than half have been doing the work for more than five years.

Arizona honors victims of workplace accidents

The Industrial Commission of Arizona, which oversees this state's workers' compensation system, recently encouraged all Arizonans to observe what is called Workers' Memorial Day. The day gives this state's residents the opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices that many of those who work in dangerous occupations have to make, particularly when they get hurt at work.

Subway worker dies after slip and fall in front of train

The teenage daughter of an experienced transit employee is grieving after her father fell in front of a train while doing repair work on the tracks. The incident serves as a powerful reminder that Arizonans who work on mass transit system face an unpredictable and often unsafe working environment in which serious work accidents can easily occur.

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