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March 2013 Archives

Construction worker trapped in mud at subway work site

In a story that has attracted national attention online, a construction worker was recently rescued after suffering injuries while working on New York City's subway system. The man was trapped for several hours in mud that came up to his chest as 150 firefighters worked to rescue him. He had been working on improvements to an existing subway line.

OSHA to investigate recent workplace injury

Workplace injuries occur every day throughout the country. For instance, recently a man suffered a significant but not life-threatening leg injury while changing out the gas tanks of a city in another state. Apparently, a steel girder tumbled and dropped onto the man's legs while he was working.

Arizona lawmakers mull change in workers' comp rules

A committee within the House of Representatives of the Arizona State Legislature has passed a measure that would require those employees of Arizona companies who suffer workplace injuries to file workers' compensation benefits in this state. Under the provisions of this law, a worker will have to file a workers' compensation claim in Arizona even if that person got hurt while on the job in another state. The bill will now presumably be brought before the entire Arizona House for a vote. If it passes, the Governor can sign the measure into law, as the Arizona Senate has already passed a similar measure.

Factory explosion injures worker in chemical lab

A tech at a chemical laboratory suffered a workplace injury following a factory explosion in another state. While thankfully it appears that this worker's on-the-job injury does not endanger the man's life, it still serves as an important lesson to those in Arizona who manage laboratories in connection with either research or drug manufacturing.

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