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December 2012 Archives

Aged equipment a workers' compensation issue?

A military installment in Arizona commonly called the "Boneyard" houses many retired-and aged-military planes. Some Arizonans, however, may be surprised to find out that another agency of the federal government salvages these planes and re-designs them to fight wildfires both in Arizona and in other parts of the country.

Arizona reports highway worker injuries

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) recently released a report confirming that highway construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in this country. For these people, a work injury or fatality often occurs when a motorist does not see the construction worker and inadvertently strikes him or her.

Court clears state's access to workers' comp fund

An Arizona appeals court has ruled that the Arizona Legislature acted within its authority when it voted to dip into a state fund meant to provide workers' compensation benefits so that the Legislature could balance the state's budget.

Man back on job after losing limb in work accident

As both we and other Arizonans involved in the workers' compensation know, a lot of times a work accident can leave an employee and family feeling bitter and hopeless; however, one man employed by a local government instead chose a different emotional path. Perhaps because of this and the support of his family, he returned to his old job supervising others and handling equipment at a sanitation department months ahead of schedule. He lost a part of his leg in the accident, and he now uses an artificial prosthesis to get around at his job.

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