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September 2012 Archives

Tempe-based airline faces fines in fatal accident

US Airways, a commercial airline based in Tempe, must pay $21,000 in fines that OSHA imposed following an investigation of an employee's death. The accident took place in an area of the airport that the public does not ordinary see: a system of conveyors and machinery that get passengers' luggage from one place to another.

Will medical marijuana mean more workers' comp claims?

Arizona's relatively new law allowing its residents to use medical marijuana has some employers at odds with their employees. Arizona's medical marijuana law prohibits employers from discriminating against employees who legally smoke marijuana; however, business owners are still concerned about the potential liabilities they face should one of their employees injure themselves or others while under the influence of the drug. In fact, at the urging of business owners and other groups, Arizona law now allows employers to respond more forcefully when they discover an employee under the influence of marijuana while at work.

Fireworks factory explosions injure, kill workers

Arizona residents may choose to buy certain types of fireworks to celebrate an occasion, and if the local laws permit, may set them off. This means that Arizona, like other states, has fireworks retailers selling these products. Other Arizona companies make their income by offering professional displays throughout the state.

Will Arizona need workers' compensation reform next?

With one of its western neighbors passing a workers' compensation reform law, an important Arizona business association has weighed in as to what changes, if any, this state should make to its workers' compensation system.

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