Equipment poses construction accident risk for Phoenix workers

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2012 | Construction Workers' Accidents

For Phoenix residents and construction workers, on-the-job injuries are a concern. In Phoenix and around the country, construction workers’ accidents caused by equipment can lead to severe injuries or even death for those involved. A work injury may result in medical expenses and lost wages for survivors, and there are funeral and burial expenses for families who lose a loved one in a construction accident.

In a recent incident, a construction worker was burned on the job as he prepared to lay concrete outside of an apartment complex. The worker smelled the odor of gas coming from a skid-loader that was not running at the time. When he tried to remove the gas tank lid from the machine, gasoline shot out of the tank and covered the worker. Soon after, another part of the machine ignited the gas, and the man was burned over more than 20 percent of his body. Coworkers used a hose to douse the man, and he was transported to the hospital for treatment.

For workers in Phoenix, a construction accident like this recent one in Pennsylvania could happen again. When a machine malfunctions or otherwise causes a worker to suffer burns, broken bones, electrocution or other injuries, those injuries may lead to medical expenses for care and treatment and lost income for work missed during recovery. In construction workers’ accidents cases, a workers’ compensation claim may be the best recourse for an individual injured at the job site. Most injuries heal over time, but the period of recovery, which often requires taking time off of work, can pose financial difficulties and cause stress for injured workers and their loved ones.

Although the worker burned in the skid-loader incident survived and may return to work shortly, other construction workers may not be so fortunate. Injured workers should know that there are ways to maintain their financial footing while they recover. However, safety in the workplace and equipment maintenance to prevent construction accidents should serve as top priorities for construction companies and workers alike.

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