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August 2012 Archives

Former NFL player awarded workers' compensation

A court recently ruled that a former punter and quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals should receive worker's compensation for injuries that he suffered while playing for another team. He retired after he injured himself in a pre-game warm-up; his fall after a practice kick and awkward landing hurt his back and ended his career, even though he sought medical attention promptly.

Equipment poses construction accident risk for Phoenix workers

For Phoenix residents and construction workers, on-the-job injuries are a concern. In Phoenix and around the country, construction workers' accidents caused by equipment can lead to severe injuries or even death for those involved. A work injury may result in medical expenses and lost wages for survivors, and there are funeral and burial expenses for families who lose a loved one in a construction accident.

Arizona workers less likely to get hurt with paid sick leave

According to a new study that workers in Arizona will want to make sure their employers are aware of, workers in the private sector who get paid sick time are less likely to be hurt on the job than employees who don't. In fact, the likelihood of getting hurt at work for the paid sick time employees is 28 percent less than those who don't.

Arizona railroad worker killed in on-the-job truck accident

When a worker is killed or injured on the job, it may appear as if it is that worker's fault. But what's important to remember is that the worker may not have been given the proper training or equipment to do his or her job properly. Making sure an employee has what they need to do a dangerous job safely is an employer's duty. It's important to consider these factors when work accidents happen.

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