Securing Benefits For Veterans And Their Families

If you were injured or disabled while serving in the military, you may be eligible for disability benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Unfortunately, some veterans with valid claims do not always receive the benefits to which they are entitled. At Jerome, Gibson, Stewart, Stevenson, Engle & Runbeck, P.C., we help Arizona veterans receive the VA benefits they need for medical care and living expenses.

Contact us for help if your claims have been denied or your benefits have been unfairly terminated. We help veterans who have disabilities and injuries, including:

  • Mental conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Physical conditions such as knee and back conditions

To be eligible for VA benefits, your injury or disability must be related to active duty or training. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs must also determine that you have been disabled by at least a certain amount. Our lawyers can help you present the information necessary to meet these requirements.

Many injured and disabled veterans are also eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Our experienced attorneys can help make sure your claim or appeal has the best possible chance of success.

Compassionate Guidance In Challenging Times

We understand that our clients are in physically and financially challenging situations. We provide personalized, compassionate attention to our clients and their families. The process of applying for VA benefits and appealing decisions can take a long time, but we will help it go as smoothly as possible.

Our goal is to make sure you get the assistance you need. If we are unable to help with your claim, we will refer you to a trusted attorney who can.

Schedule A Consultation Today

Call us at 602-635-6561 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer in Phoenix or Tucson. You can also contact us online. To make sure we have the information we need to advise you, you should have a copy of your most recent benefits decision ready to share with us.