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Arizona court to injured worker: no right to travel for care

Arizona employees who are injured on the job are entitled to compensation for many things - but blanket travel expenses for medical care is not one of them.

Arizona asks for dismissal of Hotshots fire case

A workers' compensation suit can be a very serious legal matter for an employer. This can range from a small business to the government of Arizona. Different industries have different standards for their employees. If someone gets into a work accident, they may be eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits. If someone is killed because of negligence from an employer supervisor, a suit may be filed for additional compensation. This is the case in a lawsuit that is currently in court for a wrongful death complaint suit involving the firefighting Granite Mountain Hotshots.

Millions of Arizona residents are vulnerable to chemical leaks

Living or working in an area that is vulnerable to toxic chemical can be life-changing. Depending on the severity of a case, prolonged exposure to chemicals can cause an individual to develop a disease, be hospitalized, or even die. Toxic chemicals are dangerous in the workplace as well. Someone who is exposed to chemicals at work may be put out of commission for a long time to recuperate. If someone is injured on the job due to toxic exposure, their life and livelihood are in danger.

Police groups push for trauma coverage in workers' compensation

Stated generally, Arizona's workers' compensation system is designed to help workers cope with the expenses that come up after they are injured on the job or suffer from occupational diseases. However, stating things generally doesn't always help in workers' compensation issues: Things must be stated very specifically to fit specific categories. The benefits workers may receive come in predetermined amounts according to predetermined categories of injuries and illnesses.

Man breaks finger, loses tip of thumb in workplace accident

Every day, Americans, including Arizonans, are injured on the job. These injuries occur in various settings and have numerous causes. Road workers may be hit by a speeding car, building construction workers might fall from a harness, and industrial workers might be crushed by machinery. Sometimes these accidents are caused by unsafe working conditions and other times they are merely accidents outside of the employee and the employer's control. Either way, the injured worker deserves to be taken care of financially when he is injured on the job.

Steel crushes worker leaving him with critical injuries

Inattentiveness, lack of safety protocols, and lack of supervision can all lead to a workplace accident which results in serious injuries. A work injury can be devastating to an individual. The worker may be forced to deal with disfigurement, physical impairment, mental anguish, and unexpected medical expenses that can make life financially difficult, especially when the injured person is unable to work.

Fatigue leading cause of workplace injuries at office

Many Arizonans work in office environments where they may think themselves unlikely to suffer a serious workplace injury. However, the director of the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety reminds all Arizona workers and employers, including those working in an office environment, that they need to prepare themselves to help a colleague who has been hurt at work by an unexpected accident or an overlooked office hazard. With 50 people in this country being injured at work each minute, preparation can be the key in preventing a mishap from escalating into a serious injury or illness.

Families of deceased AZ firefighters fighting for benefits

The families of 13 of the 19 Arizona firefighters who tragically died in the recent Yarnell Hill fire are now arguing with the City of Prescott about whether the surviving family members of these firefighters ought to be entitled to certain federal and state benefits normally available exclusively to full-time employees.

Summer temperatures can cause a serious on-the-job injury

As anyone who lives in this state knows, summers in Arizona are sweltering hot. In particular, residents this year have seen intense and downright dangerously high temperatures, especially a few weeks ago.

Are older Arizonans more prone to workers' compensation claims?

A recent study suggests that baby boomers in Arizona need to take extra care to avoid workplace injuries. The recent study shows that while more seasoned workers often bring a great deal of knowledge and wisdom to their occupations, they are also more prone to certain types of injuries that can cause employers to lose a substantial amount of income on workers' compensation payouts.

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