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December 2013 Archives

Unemployment rate drops in Arizona for November

Having a job is a crucial part of one's financial and emotional life. It provides a living wage to pay for rent and routine expenses, as well as the opportunity to provide for loved ones. If a person is injured at work, though, future earning potential is at risk. Often times, just being careful at work will not prevent an unforeseeable accident that is not a worker's fault. If an Arizonan gets injured on the job, he or she can be compensated in the case of work accidents.

How to be safe at your holiday party

Holiday parties are a time for companies and business owners to be thankful for their workforce. They allow people to get together, be social and maybe interact with other workers who they don't see on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, some parties may end in a work accident, even if workers are exercising caution. There are several tips for workers on how to safely navigate the annual holiday party at work.

Arizona insurance group introduces name change

Workers' compensation insurance companies in Arizona are performing a valuable service for those injured on the job. Getting hurt while working puts many individuals in a difficult situation. Oftentimes they are supported by workers' compensation, but the path to financial stability can be challenging if not handled properly.

Mental Condition Cases

Question:  Can mental conditons casued by the work environment  be covered as worker's compensation claims?

Investigation continues into Tesla industrial accident

Some industrial jobs carry a level of injury risk. Even with proper safety precautions, accidents occur. This can be especially dangerous in industrial environments where heavy machinery and chemical processes are involved. It's important for Arizona employers to maintain a work environment that complies with U.S. safety regulations. This not only helps to ensure a safe environment, but also decreases the chance of injuries resulting from an industrial accident. Employers who do not comply with basic levels of safety for their employees are acting in a way that could make them liable for damages if their workers are hurt on the job.

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