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Weekend car crashes hurt 15 in Phoenix

From truck drivers to construction workers, many people use company vehicles to travel and perform their jobs. If someone is injured on the job in a motor vehicle accident, they may be entitled to compensation. Getting hurt in a car wreck can put someone out of commission for several days or longer, depending on the severity of the injuries.

Phoenix police have begun an investigation into three traffic accidents that left 15 people hurt on a recent Saturday. Arizona Department of Public Safety officers said that a crash close to Loop 202 and Country Club Drive put seven people into the hospital. In Glendale, six people were hurt in a collision at Northern and 59 avenues when a gold sedan ran a red light and hit a pickup truck. A police officer commented that it was unknown if speed and impairment were factors in any of the crashes.

Teambuilding exercises to avoid in Arizona

Every team has a need for motivation. Teambuilding exercises can help build unity, cohesion and a sense of purpose. When done correctly, they can align employees with the mission of an employer. A sense of initiative can develop. Unfortunately, team exercises also can go terribly wrong, especially when done in unsafe environments with improper safety protocols. An inappropriate event at work could lead to an industrial accident or another work-related injury.

While a teambuilding exercise can seem like a good activity to some, it can lead to a serious accident. In a piece recently run on KNAU Public Radio in Arizona, several people described teambuilding situations in which someone got injured. In one, a dollar-coin-stuffed piñata led to several people getting hit by the coins when the piñata was busted open. In another paintballing work exercise, a paintball gun misfired and hit a manager in the groin.

Arizona work safety group investigating teacher assault

One of the duties Arizona employees is to ensure that their employees are safe while at work. This can mean a variety of different things like installing proper evacuation procedures or ensure adequate supervision. Teachers, guards and other state employees should not be at an unnecessary risk while at work. A significant injury or assault at work can lead to many questions about proper safety procedures, even negligence.

The Arizona Division of Occupational Safety is investigating the Eyman prison's Meadow Unit after an inmate raped a teacher. The teacher was alone in a classroom when a convicted rapist stabbed her with a pen and assaulted her. The agency is launching a full investigation of the Arizona Department of Corrections. These cases can take months to complete. Questions are being raised about why the woman was allowed to be in contact with male sexual-offenders without a prison guard nearby. The Meadow Unit houses 1,300 sexual offenders. The 20-year-old prisoner was charged with sexual assault, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.

Victim in Arizona prison rape files workers' compensation claim

While it can be a calming thought to assume a workplace is always a safe environment, this unfortunately is not always the case. No matter the profession, Arizona workers do usually have some type of danger, no matter how remote of chance, while at work. Fortunately, in these types of incidents, workers' compensation can alleviate some of the loss caused by such accidents. Regardless of the comfort that may present, however, some heinous events can take place at a workplace, as made evident by an instance of sexual assault.

Recently, a teacher conducting a high school equivalency exam at a prison was raped by an inmate in the class. The inmate allegedly lingered in the classroom as the other prisoners left the room. After they had left, he approached the teacher and asked to use the bathroom before stabbing the woman with a pen, forcing her to the floor and sexually assaulting her. There was no guard present in the classroom; the teacher had only a radio with which to call for help. The teacher said that when no one answered on the radio - it had been changed to a channel that the guards were not using - she used a phone to call for help.

Reopening a closed worker's compensation claim

Did you know that in Arizona there is no time limit to reopen a claim that has been closed?   However,  you must have a current medical report, preferrably from a specialist, who indicates that you have a new, additional, or previously undiscoverd condition that either requires treatment or would entitle you to an increase in any award.  Our law offices can explain the ins and outs of Arizona's work comp system.

5-year, $306m construction program allocated for Arizona

The source of pain after a construction accident can be challenging to discern, even for medical professionals. An accident on a construction site can put a worker in the hospital for a lengthy period of time. Something as simple as a defective power tool accident can have serious repercussions. Some workers may suffer from occupational disease or repetitive injuries. In Arizona, many multi-million dollar construction projects are in the works, which means more workers may be at risk of injury. When those workers are hurt, it is important they seek the compensation they deserve.

The Arizona Transportation Board approved a total of $306 million in transportation projects over a five-year period. The approved projects are the State Route 347 Railroad Overpass, Interstate 15, State Route 89, State Route 260, US 60, US 95 and State Route 189. The 2015-2019 Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program has dedicated funding towards all these projects. Many of them will focus on widening current roads and new constructions.

Millions of Arizona residents are vulnerable to chemical leaks

Living or working in an area that is vulnerable to toxic chemical can be life-changing. Depending on the severity of a case, prolonged exposure to chemicals can cause an individual to develop a disease, be hospitalized, or even die. Toxic chemicals are dangerous in the workplace as well. Someone who is exposed to chemicals at work may be put out of commission for a long time to recuperate. If someone is injured on the job due to toxic exposure, their life and livelihood are in danger.

A new report says that 2.8 million Arizonans live and work in areas that are susceptible to toxic chemical leaks. That amounts to about 44 percent of the state's population. There are over 100 facilities housing hazardous chemicals that could cause extreme reactions like blindness, high levels of pain, and death. If hazardous chemicals are accidentally released, the radius of impact can balloon, possibly affecting far more Arizonans than we think. Some may find it comforting to know that these chemical storage units are required to create emergency plans and conduct risk assessments, but the most recent chemical leak occurred just last month when a pipe burst, exposing 12 people to toxic gas.

Industrial accident at steel plant kills 1

A severe injury or death in an industrial setting is tragic. Many Arizona companies set up safety protocols that are governed by federal and state standards for occupational health. Even with modern technology and proper safety protocols, accidents can happen. Machinery safety protocol is one of the most important things an industrial firm can set up for its workers. Occupational safety can be the difference between a safe or dangerous working environment.

Recently, an industrial steel accident led to the death of a worker in another state. The area fire department reported that the man was killed when steel rolled over and fell on top of him while he was working, crushing him to death. The man was declared dead at the scene of the accident by the fire department.

Industrial Phoenix fire puts two employees in hospital

A fire can spread very quickly in an industrial setting. When a fire spreads through a building, smoke and flames can cause severe damage to any nearby workers. Many Arizona companies establish proper exit protocols to help employees in the event of a fire. A work injury from a fire can involve severe burn and tissue damage. Some burn victims may have to face a long journey in order to recover.

A pool pump in Phoenix allegedly started a massive industrial fire recently. The blaze blotted out parts of the sun in downtown Phoenix in late April; the fire started at Fuels LLC that is located at 23rd and Jefferson Streets. Employees were pumping oil when a hose detached and combusted on top of a nearby motor. Investigators say the pump was inappropriate for the company to be using for that purpose. There were also 19 other non-compliant conditions that investigators found at the facility. The business is shut down until it fixes those problems.

Arizona holds three of the top 60 employer cities

Arizona has seen growth in its job prospects over the past decade. New jobs come in construction, manufacturing and other sectors of the economy. With a new job comes new responsibility. A work accident can jeopardize the ability to work. In serious cases, it can lead to an accident that could have serious health repercussions. There are many opportunities in Arizona for jobs, but safety should be a priority for workers. Work accidents can lead to worse problems if not treated.

Wallet Hub named three Arizona cities in a new employment report. The report named the 60 best places for employment in the United States. Those included Mesa, Phoenix and Tucson at 9th, 14th and 54th, respectively. Wallet Hub analyzed the strongest job markets and addressed prospects for long-term financial security. They did this using 13 metrics including items stretching from cost of living to health benefits to job openings per capita.

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