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We help people who get hurt at work

Getting into an accident at work can range from minor to severe. A bad injury in Arizona for a worker can put him or her in the hospital and lead to permanent disability. There are a variety of options for someone who is hurt at work and we offer different solutions for those who are hurt, depending on their situations. Everyone's injury is different and it's important to have compensation for an injury if you are hurt at work.

An injury at a job site can be devastating. Recently, we wrote on our blog about how SSDI benefits relate to workplace injures. Our firm represents a wide variety of clients with injuries ranging from relatively minor to more permanent. When someone is hurt, he or she deserves the best medical care and other financial support if he or she is unable to go back to work.

How do SSDI benefits relate to workplace injuries?

If someone is severely injured on the job, they may want to seek out different options for financial support. There are a variety of programs that are available for those in the state of Arizona, but often people are unaware of what program does what. In today's ever-evolving economy, it's important to look at Social Security Disability benefits and how they work.

If someone suffers a workplace injury and has lost time at work, they may have questions about the options they have for Social Security Disability benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, the program is available to someone who, due to a medical condition expected to last at least a year or ultimate prove fatal, cannot continue working. There is a very strict definition of disability that is defined by the federal government.

NJ steam blowout a warning for Arizona industrial companies

A factory accident or other injury at work can put workers in the hospital or expose them to dangerous chemicals. Arizona employers have a responsibility to protect their workers by ensuring workplace safety. This is especially important with industrial companies that work with heavy machinery, dangerous products and high-stress environments. Proper safety can prevent bodily harm, including eye injuries, and keep workers protected.

A 23-year-old man at an Edison laboratory in New Jersey was severely injured recently while cleaning a 250-gallon container. The container was one used by the company to process facial cream. Steam escaped from the tank, striking the victim in the chest and causing third-degree burns. The man was transported to a local hospital with burns across his legs, arms and chest. A second victim was injured while trying to aid the first victim. Investigators on the scene said they found no evidence of chemicals released into the air.

What is a work-related injury in Arizona?

It is a simple fact of working life that many people drive in the course of their employment. This can be for individuals who are working in a variety of fields, which range from delivery services and truck driving to construction work. Of course, driving has its dangers - so if someone is injured while he or she is on the job, what options do they have? If someone is involved in a workplace accident in a company vehicle, he or she may be able to receive workers' compensation.

Most employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance, which helps provide financial support for employees who are hurt on the job by compensating them while they are off from work. One of the important things to consider is if the accident is considered work-related. What, however, is a work-related injury?

Worker electrocuted in Chandler accident

A severe injury or death at work often prompts questions for an employer and an industry. It's especially tragic if someone is killed while at work. A death at work puts a family in a state of extreme distress, and the last thing they should have to worry about is finances. Workers' compensation or a wrongful death suit can help replace a loss of income due to a workplace accident in Arizona.

A young worker was killed in an electrocution accident in Chandler recently. The 27-year-old contractor was completing a job on a Friday afternoon when he was electrocuted. Details are not currently available, but emergency officials were called to the scene where the man was killed. The electrocution happened at a local business near Warner Road and Arizona Avenue. A Chandler police official said the man was pronounced dead at the scene. An investigation is pending and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were told about the event.

Scaffolding injuries and Arizona workers' compensation

A workplace injury can be pretty serious if it involves scaffolding. Scaffolding is a temporary structure used by many Arizona construction companies and other repair projects to help workers access hard-to-reach locations. Often these can extend quite high. It is important for those injured to seek immediate medical attention. Finding help as soon as possible is the highest priority.

After medical attention has been given, it can be helpful to gather the necessary information needed to file for a workers' compensation claim. There are regulations administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that are required for all Arizona employers. Those injured in an accident can seek out applicable information about what enforcements are in place.

Arizona company pays fines for railroad project

A job in construction has many functions. While it helps to pay for living, it also provides a valuable service for the people of Arizona. From new constructions on roads to important city development projects, investments in infrastructure are important for growth and commerce. If someone is injured on the job, symptoms can range from mild to severe. Significant injuries may require someone to go to the hospital. If someone is out of work for a period of time, workers' compensation can help him or her pay for routine bills.

An Arizona company, Sundt Construction, and Burnside, a Minnesota company, have agreed to pay fines of $150,000. The fines were assessed because they did not have the required state licenses when the bidding for the job occurred. The companies helped in building a railroad construction project in New Mexico for Union Pacific's new rail hub. Both companies said they did not intentionally avoid getting the correct licenses and were glad to have the matter settled.

Weekend car crashes hurt 15 in Phoenix

From truck drivers to construction workers, many people use company vehicles to travel and perform their jobs. If someone is injured on the job in a motor vehicle accident, they may be entitled to compensation. Getting hurt in a car wreck can put someone out of commission for several days or longer, depending on the severity of the injuries.

Phoenix police have begun an investigation into three traffic accidents that left 15 people hurt on a recent Saturday. Arizona Department of Public Safety officers said that a crash close to Loop 202 and Country Club Drive put seven people into the hospital. In Glendale, six people were hurt in a collision at Northern and 59 avenues when a gold sedan ran a red light and hit a pickup truck. A police officer commented that it was unknown if speed and impairment were factors in any of the crashes.

Teambuilding exercises to avoid in Arizona

Every team has a need for motivation. Teambuilding exercises can help build unity, cohesion and a sense of purpose. When done correctly, they can align employees with the mission of an employer. A sense of initiative can develop. Unfortunately, team exercises also can go terribly wrong, especially when done in unsafe environments with improper safety protocols. An inappropriate event at work could lead to an industrial accident or another work-related injury.

While a teambuilding exercise can seem like a good activity to some, it can lead to a serious accident. In a piece recently run on KNAU Public Radio in Arizona, several people described teambuilding situations in which someone got injured. In one, a dollar-coin-stuffed piñata led to several people getting hit by the coins when the piñata was busted open. In another paintballing work exercise, a paintball gun misfired and hit a manager in the groin.

Arizona work safety group investigating teacher assault

One of the duties Arizona employees is to ensure that their employees are safe while at work. This can mean a variety of different things like installing proper evacuation procedures or ensure adequate supervision. Teachers, guards and other state employees should not be at an unnecessary risk while at work. A significant injury or assault at work can lead to many questions about proper safety procedures, even negligence.

The Arizona Division of Occupational Safety is investigating the Eyman prison's Meadow Unit after an inmate raped a teacher. The teacher was alone in a classroom when a convicted rapist stabbed her with a pen and assaulted her. The agency is launching a full investigation of the Arizona Department of Corrections. These cases can take months to complete. Questions are being raised about why the woman was allowed to be in contact with male sexual-offenders without a prison guard nearby. The Meadow Unit houses 1,300 sexual offenders. The 20-year-old prisoner was charged with sexual assault, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.

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